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to the association of computer science alumni of ETH Zurich. The association

Who can join IAETH?

Recipients of diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees from ETH Zurich, as well as current and former members of the university computer science department teaching staff.

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On 20 March 2017 the general assembly for 2016 took place: minutes.

October 2016, Portrait Letter Torsten Grabs (deutsche Version)

The second of our portraits in 2016 is about Torsten Grabs: he studied Business Information Systems at TU Darmstadt. He continued his academic work at ETH Zurich where he build a distributed database cluster. Since 12 years he is now working for Microsoft in Redmond, WA, where he integrates very similar technologies in commercial-scale databases.

August 2016, Portrait Letter Felix Rauch Valenti (deutsche Version)

This year’s portraits tell the stories of ETH Alumni who have moved around the world. The first is Felix Rauch Valenti: he completed his studies in 1997 and his PhD with Thomas Stricker in 2004. He then moved to Sydney, Australia where he now works as a Site Reliability Engineer for Google. Here he continues to work on large clusters of inexpensive computers to provide a highly reliable and available systems for the Google Maps service.

Collaboration with the ETH Alumni association

In 2014, the association of computer science alumni of ETH Zurich (IAETH) agreed to work in closer collaboration with the ETH alumni association (ETH Alumni). ETH Alumni is ETH Zurich’s general alumni organisation. It is open to all ETH graduates whatever subject they may have studied. IAETH is exclusively for computer science graduates of ETH Zurich. Now each member of IAETH will automatically become a full member of ETH Alumni and be able to take advantage of all its services. We operate a joint database and the ETH Alumni office collects membership fees for both organisations.

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