IAETH Talk—Quantum Computing Applications


19:00 - 20:00


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Quantum computers are a promising platform to solve a wide range of problems that are hard on classical computers. In natural sciences, such as physics and chemistry, quantum computers allow for an efficient encoding of an exponentially large wave function — but they also have enormous potential in fields such as machine learning, optimization or finance. But now that quantum computers with 100s of qubits are emerging, what are their possible applications?

Af ter a short recap on quantum computing basics, I’ll give an overview on the quantum computing applications and discuss the current limitations. Then, we’ll have a hands-on demonstration of the quantum computing stack and see how you can run quantum algorithms today.

Location: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, HG F33.1

Registration: Alumni ETHZ—Events—IAETH Talk—Quantum Computing Applications