IAETH TALK—The Duality of Red and Blue in Cybersecurity

Speaker: Antoine Neuenschwander, Tech Lead Bug Bounty & Security Incident Responder

Cyber threats are ubiquitous, and organizations must remain vigilant in protecting their data and systems. Ideally, system administrators, developers, architects and security analysts work alongside as the blue team and form the first line of defense. However, understanding the mindset and tactics of cyber adversaries is equally crucial. This is where offensive security, often associated with ethical hacking and penetration testing, comes into play. The presentation will explore the symbiotic relationship between these two facets of cybersecurity. It will emphasize that an offensive perspective is not merely about finding vulnerabilities but also about enabling organizations to proactively identify and rectify weaknesses. Offensive security, when approached strategically, acts as a powerful tool for improving defensive measures.

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Location: Swisscom AG, Förrlibuckstrasse 60, 8005 Zürich, Schweiz