IAETH TALK—Key sovereignty options of cloud providers

Melanie Raemy, senior solution architect, securosys sa will speak about different options of AWS, Azure, Google, how to manage your own keys and data in your cloud. Specifically, we will SWOT of «BYOK—bring your own key», «DKE—Double key encryption», «CSE—client site encryption», «EKS—external key store», «EKM—External key management». Please find the details in the Event section.

IAETH Talk—Quantum Computing Applications

Speaker: Julien Gacon Quantum computers are a promising platform to solve a wide range of problems that are hard on classical computers. In natural sciences, such as physics and chemistry, quantum computers allow for an efficient encoding of an exponentially large wave function — but they also have enormous potential in fields such as machine learning, optimization or […]

IAETH Talk—Internet Computer Protocol: democratic evolution of a web3 platform

Recent technological advances have enabled the efficient execution of decentralized web3 applications and smart contracts. The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a fast and efficient decentralized blockchain-based system for the execution of general-purpose applications in the form of smart contracts. In particular, the ICP’s execution, governance and evolution are controlled by different parties in a trustless and fault-tolerant […]